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Money worries can take over. Whether you're struggling to pay back debt or make ends meet, we're here to help you get a grip on your finances with support, suggestions and who to talk to.

Managing your day-to-day spending.

5 budgeting tips

5 budgeting tips you can start today

Top tips for budgeting: Ease into the habit. Secrets out, budgeting is as crucial as your maths teacher warned. Start small and work your way up. Looking at your bank account and seeing where you may be overspending will help you become more aware of your money habits and ease you into more challenging aspects...

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Banking Habits

Time to break up with your bad banking habits

New Year’s money resolutions starting to slip? Don’t stress! Today is International Break Up Day (yes, it’s really a thing) which marks the perfect time to break up with the things that are getting in the way of your financial goals. You might be reminiscing on a time when you ended a relationship with an...

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Keeping financial stress in check.

Money & Mental Health

Whether you have a lot or a little, money features in our everyday lives and the effect it has on our mental wellbeing is discussed far too infrequently. We blame it on ‘being British’ — but it’s time we stopped hiding and start breaking down the barriers around money talk. One of the main drivers for...

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Kroo Bank

Keep your money safe from fraudsters

The cost-of-living crisis has seen a spike in scammers across the UK, with over 40 million people affected. And according to Citizens Advice, 12% of these scams are related to energy. Scammers are professionals and can often seem legitimate. They take advantage of things like financial stress and target vulnerable people. With the increasing cost...

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