The Kroo overdraft.

Prepare for the unexpected with an interest rate of 24.9% EAR/APR representative (variable). No fees. No penalties. Phew.

Applications for the overdraft are by invitation only once you’ve opened your current account.

Overdraft cost calculator

Arranged limit for





An arranged overdraft of £2500 for 7 days would cost a total of


It’s your overdraft.

Surprises can be great. A bunch of flowers. A birthday treat. But surprise bills? Not so great. Which is where an overdraft can help. It’s a short-term safety net for when something unexpected happens. And the faster it’s repaid, the less it costs you to borrow. Simple.

As a representative example, if you borrowed £1,000 on an arranged overdraft for 30 days, it would cost you £18.45 at an interest rate of 24.9% EAR/APR (variable).

No hidden fees. No penalties.

Depending on your eligibility, you can apply for an arranged overdraft of up to £2,500. We charge 24.9% APR representative interest and won’t hit you with any hidden fees or penalties.
We don’t tend to allow unarranged overdrafts (when you go overdrawn without an agreed overdraft or go over your agreed overdraft limit), but sometimes they can happen for technical reasons. If you enter an unarranged overdraft, we will charge the same interest rate as for our arranged overdraft.
The monthly cap on unarranged overdraft charges for the Kroo current account is £15. Further details about the cap, unarranged overdrafts and exceeding any arranged overdraft limits are below.

How does our overdraft compare?

You can use the representative APR to compare the cost of our overdraft with other providers because it gives you the annual rate of interest, including any other fees and charges.

You’re in control.

You can lower, raise or even settle up and cancel your overdraft whenever you like. It’s totally up to you, and you can do it on the Kroo app. And like all credit products, exact limits and eligibility will depend on your individual circumstances.
And we know things happen, so if you ever feel like you can’t manage or repay your overdraft, just let us know in our in-app chat and we’ll be happy to help.

Check your eligibility.


This won't affect your credit score

Your personal details.
Have you had a bank account in the UK for more than a year?
This is the net monthly amount you receive after tax.
Your current borrowing details.
All credit card & overdraft limits.
Include loans, credit cards & overdrafts (excluding mortgages).
Your credit history.
Have you got a county court judgement or defaulted in the last 6 years?
Have you missed any payment or borrowing in the last 2 years?
  • Your result is dependent on the accuracy of the information entered.
  • Your result is indicative only and does not guarantee that you will be offered an arranged overdraft of the amount selected or at all.
  • Any overdraft offered will depend upon a full eligibility assessment that may affect whether you are able to obtain an arranged overdraft and of what amount.
  • Clicking the 'Check eligibility' button above does not create a credit search and will not affect your credit score.

Questions? Answers.

Unarranged overdrafts occur when you borrow more than your agreed overdraft limit, or borrow without an agreed limit. Kroo doesn’t provide unarranged overdrafts, so payments will normally be declined if they would create an unarranged overdraft. However there are some scenarios where an ‘offline’ transaction (such as on a flight or travelling via TFL) may be processed. If a payment is processed causing an unarranged overdraft we’ll notify you, and interest is charged at the normal arranged overdraft rate, but you will be asked to make a payment to bring the account back within its limit. In the event of an unarranged overdraft we limit the maximum monthly charge to £15.
Exceeding your arranged overdraft limit or being overdrawn without an arranged limit can impact your credit score, which can make it harder for you to borrow in the future.