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See how much you could earn with our top-tier 4.35% AER / 4.27% Gross (variable) interest rate up to £500,000.
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Interest calculator

Calculate what you could earn based on 4.35% AER / 4.27% Gross (variable).


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How is interest calculated on a daily balance of £20,000?
Monthly earnings.

We calculate your interest daily, based on your end-of-day balance. We'll pay the interest to you on the first day of the following month.

This is the calculation we use:

(End-of-day balance x Gross interest rate) ÷ 365 days in the year = Interest earned that day.

The total amount of daily interest earned throughout the month is the interest earned for that month.

Daily calculation

Interest earned

1st day

20,000.00 × 0.0427) ÷ 365


2nd day

20,000.00 × 0.0427) ÷ 365


3rd day

20,000.00 × 0.0427) ÷ 365



Earned that month

Total amount of daily interest throughout a 30-day month


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