Spend freely wherever you go.

Pay with your Kroo debit card or digital card around the world wherever Visa is accepted, all with zero spending fees.

Kroo is the perfect travel buddy.

Kroo is the perfect travel buddy.

You can count on us with fee-free spending around the world.

Real-time rates.

We pass Visa’s real exchange rate directly to you – no hidden fees or unexpected markups. Spend more on what makes you happy and less on fees.

Withdrawals abroad.

Use your Kroo Visa debit card, and Kroo won’t charge you a penny extra on purchases abroad. And you can say bon voyage to ATM fees for another 6 months*

Peace of mind.

Easily freeze and unfreeze your card. Biometric authentication. Multi-factor authentication. UK-based customer support.

Stay on top of shared expenses.

Going on a holiday with friends or family? Our Groups functionality makes it easy to split, track and settle up your expenses. From flight tickets to 3 course meals, no more hassle tracking who paid for what.

Leave your wallet at the hotel.

Enjoy all the benefits of a digital wallet. It’s the easy, secure, and private way to pay.

Leave your wallet at the hotel.
What you pay.

Kroo charges zero fees for all foreign purchases (0% markup).

*We won’t charge you for using ATMs overseas until 31 October 2024. Just bear in mind that many ATM providers may charge a separate fee for using their ATM.

Kroo uses Visa’s exchange rate, which is added on top of the European Central Bank (ECB) rates and passes that straight to you. You can click to view Visa’s exchange rate calculator to work out the rates that you’ll receive when using the Kroo Eco debit card.

View Visa exchange rate calculator
A quick insight into how exchange rates work.

In Europe, the European Central Bank (ECB) publishes reference exchange rates between world currencies based on a daily average of European central banks, but individuals can’t get those rates directly.

When you spend abroad, your bank will be using a card scheme (Kroo uses Visa), and that scheme can set an exchange rate which could be above the ECB rate.

Your bank can then either pass on that scheme rate directly to you, or add a mark-up or fees on top to make money.

All banks are now required to show you the ECB rate and any fees or charges they add on top. So you can fairly compare rates between all providers, and see how good the deal you’re getting is. We’ve provided a link to show you the Visa rate, so you can see that we’re passing it on directly with nothing added.